December 2014
December 20 2014 - A Christmas Miracle Show.  Stories from Eric Metaxas' book "Miracles" along with a Time 1993 story on Angels Among Us.  OGTS - A tribute to the 100th anniversary of the WWI Christmas Truce.
December 13 2014 - We debate Elon Musk's (co-founder of PayPal, founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX) view on Artificial Intelligence.  OGTS - A discussion with Pastor Harold Warner on the greatest story ever told.  The Christmas story.
December 06 2014- Protests erupt in wake of chokehold death decision - Eric Gardner, Major Threat to Religion? Clergy People Coming Out as Atheists,
Labor activists to UC students: End Israel now, OGTS - ISIS Destroying Biblical Archaeology in Middle East But Artifacts Validate Jewish Presence In Jerusalem.

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November 2014

November 29 2014 - Streets of Ferguson smolder after grand jury declines to indict,The Original Smart Aleck, Stop posting selfie paycheck photos, OGTS - Interview with Aden Rusfeldt of ChristianInterviews,com

November 22 2014 - Black Friday, The White House, It's time to fix our broken immigration system, Can Money Buying Happiness, What do American's steal most, OGTS -  Rhema Marvanne and our listeners giving thanks.

November 15 2014 - Obama's Plans on Immigration Poised to Affect Millions, Jonathan Gruber’s payday,  The Advocate: Laverne Cox, OGTS - Hindu radicals target celebrity pop star for converting to Christianity.

November 08 2014 - Amazon, Unclear on Diversity, Children Put ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ on a First Name Basis, Inside the atheist church hoping to take America by storm,

OGTS - VETERANS DAY: WWII POW recounts the faith that sustained him.

November 1 2014 - New Research Shows Pollution Inequality in America Even Worse Than Income Inequality, Debt and self-esteem: More is better, at least when you're young,  America is Becoming Less Religious, OGTS - Interview with Nate Scribner, his struggles and how he has overcome them.

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September 06 2014 - Interview with Pastor Warner on Israel